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Hamburg 8095N 018GR Georg Roth Long Sleeves, Super Luxe Stretch, washed

Hamburg 8095N 018GR Long Sleeves, Super Luxe Stretch, washed MSML
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Wear the buttery soft luxurious stretch and feel amazing!

You will indeed enjoy the enduring comfort and cool style.

Dove Grey with a Navy & Royal stripe inside the collar stand and cuffs.
Georg's inspiration, "I just love a vintage & effortless look that can take you day into evening."

Wear this indigo blue tucked in or out with a denim and roll the sleeves the Georg Roth Roll, or dress it up with a jacket. 
2 Button collar stand
Button down collar
Slightly tapered 
Machine wash cold and lay flat to dry, light iron needed.

Okay to dry clean
75% Cotton 21%Polyamid 4% Elastin