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Sunnyvale 33053-020 Long Sleeves *PIMA COTTON Grey & Black

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Georg Roth Sunnyvale 33053-020 Long Sleeves *PIMA COTTON Grey & Black GRLA
Georg Roth Sunnyvale 33053-020 L

Your wardrobe deserves a great new look and so do you!!  A New Year....A new look.  This handsome very elegant shirt lends it's self to a dashing, sophisticated look for any occasion.  From a business meeting to evening you will look and feel your very best in this fine grey and black Pima cotton fabric.  Notice the embellishments on the sleeves when they are rolled and the pipping on the inside placket.  The solid black is the perfect companion for this very perfect look.  The zig-zag stitching on the hem line is just one of the finishing touches that Georg Roth has always prided himself on. 
100% Pima Cotton
Completely washable